Pioneering India at a Glance

The Country that has the world’s first university (Nalanda University)....
The Country that is first in Milk production.
The Country that is the second largest producer of wheat and rice.
The Country that has the third largest army in the world.
The Country that has the largest rail & road way networks.
The Country with the greatest civilization & oldest religion (10,000 years old).
The Country that taught the world about arthashasthra (modern political governance theory).
The Country that welcomes & treats guests like God (Athithi deivo bhava).

These are just the tip of an iceberg..Our grandparents proudly taught these to us and that’s the legacy they have left us. Where are we now?

Agriculture- supposedly our backbone has weakened, political promises(“?”) and Too many scams to even remember, consistent rise in population, lack of basic needs, massive imbalance between the rural and urban, absolutely zero road ethics, increase in brain drain in spite of increase in racial abuse and ever existing “I, me and myself” attitude.

Why? We know but we forget... If questioned we are not bothered, we are happy in our comfort zones, we are waiting for someone to change.. Hence we thought of creating a movement that stops criticizing of people around us and that brings a change in every person’s thought...

I will obey traffic rules,

I will keep my road clean,

I will pay my periodical taxes,

I will take responsibility for my society,

I will practise civic sense,

I will help the needy,

I will put the trash in the bin,

I will only use urinals to urinate,

Current Campaigns

Sticker Campaign - To spread awareness of our existence

Lots of socially responsible campaigns.....Coming soon!!!

Watch out for this space
I will help Mother Nature to maintain her pristine glory

......................................I am the SOUL OF INDIA

"It does not start with WHO but with YOU"

These fresh thoughts; will it not create a new Country for me! As a law abiding citizen, I intend to ignite fresh minds to join our movement. Let’s start preaching & practicing for a new dawn that we will witness!

Jai Hind